Unpublished (incomplete) From April 25th 2019

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote on my blog. I found true meaning behind the word busy and started to figure out what I could do to improve the quality of my life.

Five months later, here I sit in my room upstairs just typing away on my laptop with my cat sitting next to me :) It has been an exhausting couple of months but I began to do a few things that have built my character and helped me get my head on straight. The secret… Dedicating time to learn.

For the past 30+ days, I have dedicated at least two hours a day for myself to take a break from reality. I used to be so uptight and rushed until I was able to sit back and figure out why I was the way I was. The key… learning how to learn about something you want to learn.

Anything we choose to do in our life requires us to take action and pursue it. The world we live in today is so fast paced that a lot people give up on things too easily. My story started with DRL Sim. A simulator for racing drones that I play on the computer from time to time (whenever the weather is bad). Droning is always something I have had a burning desire for ever since I saw what you could create with them. The simulator was the first thing that really challenged my ability to fly and at first, I was so angered by this that I didn’t even want to play because it began to stress me out so much.

Dedicated to actually understanding this new way to fly, I would push myself to the limit to find what was triggering my anger. My answer was hidden under all the excuses and negative thoughts in my mind. I was limiting myself by not being patient enough to learn how to fly a faster, more maneuverable drone because I already technically knew how to fly a drone. So, 130+ hours on the simulator this winter has taught me a big lesson about patience and dedication.