RIP Isabelle : A Personal Tribute

Yesterday evening I had my last flight with Isabelle. If you don't know who that is, she was my Inspire 2 and one of the best drones I've ever owned. Isabelle was a huge part of my life for personal work but more importantly work for Simply Visual Productions. She opened our eyes to so many new things and taught us a lot more about the future of this technology.

I remember when I first got Isabelle in January of 2017. She was the most expensive thing I had ever personally bought and a lot of thought went into all the reasons why I would pay to have an amazing piece of equipment like that. After about two months of thinking and figuring out the financials behind this purchase, I went to the bank and took out a big loan. This loan was what financed Isabelle and would allow me to start flying her so that when the time came to do work with her in the spring, I would already be comfortable flying her and know what I was doing. To this day, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

Isabelle was my baby and one of my favorite drones ever because of the versatility she had. The ability to change lenses and shoot from different focal lengths from the sky was a game changer. The dual op was another huge thing and the possibilities from there just kept adding up. After almost two full years flying her, she has finally come to her end.

Isabelle had been acting up a lot prior to the shoot but I may have to blame the crash on my own personal pilot error. For the past few weeks I had been inspecting her before jobs, everything seemed to be fine but gimbal issues with single op became very common, the landing gear wouldn't go down all the way every time, the FPV cam was all out of whack and the drone seemed to hover in these odd patterns that were very hard to counter or control. With all that going on, the drone was getting harder to fly and I was really in need of sending it in to have it looked at but last night, things took an unexpected turn.

Crashing a drone like this is not something I ever expected to do. Subconsciously, I knew my altitude but was reading from the wrong spot leading me to think I was higher than I actually was. The combination of that and bad line of site caused me to back into a tree doing a shot I do almost every time a shoot a house. When Vin told me to pull up, it was too late, we sat there and listened to the drone get tangled up in the tree and fall 90feet through it to slam onto the ground. This was an experience I have never had before but both of us remained very calm when it happened so we could put all the pieces together and analyze the crash.

I have to say this crash couldn't have gone too much better than it did. Flying in a space with other homes, power lines and trees, I am so so lucky that nobody was hurt and no property was damaged. We were also able to find the drone and recover it easily which will allow us to get a new one with the warranty. 

All in all, I have definitely learned from every drone experience I've had. If it weren't for Isabelle, I wouldn't be where I am today and my company wouldn't have landed over half the jobs we've had. This drone has been one of the biggest parts of my life and after a lesson like I had last night and the luck I was blessed with, I am going to cherish my next drone more than ever and make sure that from here on out I pay more attention to everything when it comes to flying than I ever had before.

So thank you Isabelle for all you have done for me and for my company. Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me, all the stress you have put me through, all the doors you have opened, all the traveling we have done together and most importantly... all the amazing work you have helped me capture. You will always be remembered <3