Hassleblad X1D and their new 21mm lens

I recently had the honor of trying out the Hassleblad X1D for a few weeks and was able to take some time to photograph things in a new way. After just writing my review on Fstoppers for this lens, I figured I'd share some thoughts on here to cover a few things I didn't in the other article.

First, I was absolutely in love with the feel of the X1D. I remember a few weeks back, Vin, Tom and I all went to Hassleblad's headquarters in NYC to see a demo on their pixel shift technology with the H6D-400c. Not knowing too much about medium format cameras, I wrote up a review on this camera and the technology Hassleblad has created behind it all. After learning a little bit more about these cameras and being able to mess with one in person, I was definitely drawn towards it because of how similar it was to my Sony A7R III. 

If I had to be brutally honest, I would say that my A7R III is also a better fit for me. As much as I loved the X1D, it is more of a camera I would use for very specific things rather than an all around daily shooter. My absolute favorite part about the camera was the feel it had when I was shooting with it. Between the 21mm lens and the 45mm lens, the experience is just so different than shooting on my Sony. It was like shooting film where you need to check your exposure, meter properly, pay attention to white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO which I normally always do, just not as much as I would shooting with this camera. Every time I clicked that shutter, the sound and feel of it would confirm my shot and in a way its almost as rewarding as shooting with a film camera, only you are able to review the image right away afterwards.

I guess it's a bit hard for me to describe the feeling of it but more importantly than anything, I owe a big thank you to Hassleblad for giving me this opportunity. Before recieving the camera, I was very stressed out with all the work I've been dealing with and being given something like this to do a review on allowed me to take some time off work, travel a bit and link up with a lot of really important and awesome people. That time off for me was so crucial and I think it's safe to say I am in a better way now.

I like to believe that certain things happen for a certain reason and this was one of those times for me. As negative as all of us can be, as stressed out and busy as we all are, I cant stress how important it is to have a positive attitude and a good mindset as much as you possibly can. I just recently learned how important it is to stop for a bit and realize what you are doing. Working all the time is never a bad thing but having a clear healthy mind is something that really helps me stay creative and produce work I am happy with. That being said, here is my final selection of photos from all the ones I had taken with the camera. I took about 90 finalists down to 9 of the photos I thought showed the best. Enjoy!