My good buddy Tom Harmon and I are probably two of the biggest drone nerds you'll ever meet. We go a long way back from me being his intern to this current day in age where we pass business around to one another. One of our favorite things to do is drone and create photos and videos of the places we choose to go to. This Syracuse trip was something Tom had been waiting to do for a while now. He grew up there with his family and was a police officer there for about five years before he moved out to NJ to do wedding photography full time. This town means the world to him and with plenty of friends up in that area, Tom wanted to create a video that showed what Syracuse was all about.

This past weekend, we headed up there to do just that. With a car full of camera gear and intentions to dual op Isabelle (the Inspire 2), we set out to capture all we could in this town full of history. Tom had all of the places we would be shooting planned out, so I left everything up to him. When we got to each location, we would select a lens to shoot with and get all the shots we wanted. In this video, you'll see a huge use of mid range telephoto lenses being used because we are both obsessed with the look that gives. With Tom as the pilot and me as the camera op, we were able to achieve a lot of really good shots in the city areas. Though I myself am super picky and critical of a lot of the shots we were doing, I have to say that Tom and I as a team are getting a lot better. 

This trip consisted of a lot of driving, flying, coffee, eating some fantastic food and being around some awesome people. We even set aside some time to go to the shooting range with one of Tom's good friends. This was the first time I ever shot a real gun and it was a pretty good time to actually try that. Definitely a little harder than I had thought but I don't think I did so bad for my first time shooting. We also got some really good BBQ at Dinosaur BBQ in the city, this may be one of the best spots I've been to for that kind of food.

Overall, I think what I learned from this whole trip is that sometimes it's good to do things for other people. Tom and I have both been going through some personal struggles in life and being able to get away from everything for a few days and do what we love is such a good thing for us to be doing. I realize that focusing on myself and my work has been key for me lately but during this whole trip, it was great to see how happy Tom was as we were getting all these shots for him to put the Syracuse video together. It is great to work and be close friends with people who share the same passion as me. With all that being said, I will share a few photos. All credit goes to my man Tom as the Pilot and me as the camera op trying to snag a few photos while we were up there shooting video together. Went for a slightly different look/style on these photos too, kinda just playing around with different looks.

As spring settles in, I will too. I haven't been out to shoot as much as I used to. I feel like I am on a slight mental break still with my own personal work. More to come soon though!