Praying for Spring to Come

Weeks keep going by and I feel like I am sitting here doing nothing. There is little to no work right now which means that we have time to get some other thoughts together. However, it's been rough because I feel so lazy when I'm not actually working. In the midst of all this, I have been taking a lot of time to actually go out while I can to shoot my own stuff. In fact, this week alone I've probably been in the car for more than 20 hours driving all over the place to shoot. If you add that up, I'd say that I did just under 1000 miles and at the end of the week, that kinda hits you haha. That's a lot of driving...

Last Sunday I woke up and headed down to Ocean City to hit a few spots I wanted to fly at. On my way down, I enjoyed my coffee and some tunes thinking I was going to be able to capture some pretty exciting stuff. I get down to one of my first spots just before the bridge to get into OC and I realized the wind was absolutely wild It was consistently blowing at 20+ mph. I knew that my Mavic would have trouble flying in these conditions but I took it up anyway to kinda get a feel for how bad the wind really was. 

It ended up being terrible. I took a two hour drive down to Ocean City without checking the weather beforehand. That's a mistake I will never make again lol. I felt like I had wasted my whole trip down there, I even thought moving to another one of my spots and waiting a bit for the wind to die down would help out but no. I was quite frustrated but these things happen, they happen to everyone and we just simply need to learn from these mistakes. Instead of getting overwhelmed, I accepted the fact that I just drove two hours away from home and couldn't fly. So, I used this time to scout out some of the other locations I had in mind.

Not every shoot goes according to plan. I had a solid amount of work to do during the week but it was only two days that I had booked. I was keeping my eye on the weather to see if I could get another chance this week to get down to some of those locations in the right conditions and actually shoot. Wednesday ended up being a day just for that. The weather was overcast so I would have some nice balanced light, the winds were between 5-10mph and there was a 50% chance of rain scattered throughout the day but at times I wouldn't even be shooting. This was the day I needed to redeem myself.

It feels good to take trips like this. Just going out and finding new places to drone and photograph. It's weird how this is almost just like therapy to me. I've mentioned before in plenty of posts that there is just something about the drone that relaxes me and takes my mind off the real world. I cannot explain how awesome it is to capture some of the images I do. After almost 8 hours in the car that day, I came home with a bunch of photos and a few videos. When I narrowed everything down, I had about 5 keepers from the whole shoot which adds up to a win in my book (especially with how picky I have been lately). 

So I guess my point to this blog is that life doesn't always go the way we want it to. I have been super stressed and even annoyed that I haven't been working but I know that the work is on its way. I also know that I'm going to be very busy when it gets here and I won't have much time to myself when that time comes. I am actually really excited to get out there and begin working because I know that I myself have very high expectations for not only my work, but the work I do with my business as well. That being said, I am praying that spring makes its way here soon. When things warm up and the trees start to bloom, we will be running around like crazy doing some awesome things.

Here are a few photos for those eyes of yours and another article I wrote for Fstoppers about how I find places to go fly. Enjoy :)