Spring is Coming

These past few months have been so crazy for me as I'm sure you can tell if you've been reading any of these other posts. I was going through some of these last night to see what I've been writing about and I realize that I have been pretty blunt on here. I might even be too blunt but oh well, I don't think it's a bad thing to share some of my thoughts. 

I never in a million years would have thought that photography would stress me out. Surprisingly, it isn't even the photography side of things that stresses me out, its the business side of it all. There are so many people that appreciate what I do and so many people that don't. I've been stressed because when it comes to doing photography for work, I feel like people don't actually understand what we put into it all. So I guess I'll just have to start showing everyone what we do by putting out more content. This year we are going to take it to the next level, start working together and form an actual production team. That is something I am actually excited for whether people understand or not.

Over the past few weeks, we have been training someone new to pull onto our team. It is exciting to teach all the stuff we know to someone else and watch them learn and be so proud of what they are doing. It is a great feeling to pass on knowledge and help others and I am happy that we are able to take this step and bring someone new on board. With work slowly picking up, we are getting ready to be slammed and looking forward to some big things.

Aside from work, I am going to be trying a lot harder to put out more content again and share it via Instagram. It is so sad that there are not many ways to share your work and get it out there unless you are using your technology 15 hours a day. Honestly, it is so crazy how much time I spend on my phone sharing this stuff and interacting with other people. There comes a point in time where I find myself going crazy and I just want to put my phone down for a while and not worry about it. It sucks to say that I cant do that because my phone is essentially my job and all of my work comes through it. Welcome to 2018 right? Might as well embrace it and learn to deal with it because it doesn't seem like anything is going to change soon. The best thing to do is adapt to everything that is going on and learn to work with all the technology rather than despise it. I am trying my hardest to do that but damn is it hard! Anyway, quick little post here and some photos from the past few weeks to ease that mind. I'll be putting out more soon enough.