Approaching 2019

Time seems to move faster day after day and I feel like I am slacking on a few things. Maybe I shouldn’t call it slacking but I feel overwhelmed with so much work and change going on that it is tough for me to keep up with a lot of smaller things I’d like to be focusing on. From here on out, I am going to try to dedicate more time to those things because I shouldn’t be using the term busy as an excuse.

Most people may wonder what I do. Truth is, I wonder what I’m doing. The past three years Vin and I have been in business, we have learned more than we had ever imagined. We have made so many mistakes while also accomplishing a lot big things. After being in business as long as we have, we’ve come to find that though we love what we do, we aren’t really where we want to be. I’m sure any creative could say that but the reason for me being so busy and talking about change is because we are in the process of trying to do something we love.

I feel like we hit a wall recently that a lot of people hit. A wall where you have to accept the fear of moving forward, where you have to make sacrifices to get to new places. This wall is nothing but an obstacle. Something I have learned to understand and look past. There will always be things that stand in your way but you have to be the one to figure out how to move forward.

In 2019 we look to make a lot of change. Change in the sense of heading in a new direction and opening up endless possibilities for the work we do. We want to actually help our clients while putting out work we are proud of. We want to do work that we are truly passionate about. With the new year moving in quick, we certainly have a lot of work to do.

When I feel overwhelmed, its good to remember that if I cant handle all this work now, I won’t be able to handle more growth or bigger projects in the future. The past couple of months I’ve had a lot of time alone, learned how to understand people better, manage stress and put others first. I always knew this whole process wouldn’t be easy, so here’s to being a business owner :) Put the pressure on and figure out how to manage all of the things you have to deal with. Being positive is the only cure out there!