I'll keep this one short and simple. I have mixed feelings about the winter and all this snow. The past couple of weeks have been freezing cold for us here in New Jersey with temperatures in the low teens. About a week back I took a trip to Vermont with my buddy, Tom Harmon, and that was even worse! I woke up one morning to look out the window and it was covered in ice. I then proceed to flip the apple watch over and see that it was -10 degrees.... Crazy.

So the snow seems like it would be great to work with. Everything covered in white and from the sky things just look like a winter wonderland. Well... that is the case, at least for the first few days where you are initially excited to go out and capture all this fresh snow; the new season. After a few weeks, the snow just ends up staying and it gets patchy and dirty and eventually doesn't look too good anymore. It doesn't sit on the tree branches, it reflects shadows very hard and the worst part is, it doesn't melt when it is extremely cold like it has been. I've been trying to revisit some of these islands I shot over the summer and shoot them in the snow but you'd have no idea they are islands because the lakes are completely frozen and covered in snow. It just turns into a blob of endless white. That also doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon and I feel like I am going through a solid amount of withdrawal not being able to shoot things like I normally would.

That being said, I have been able to capture a few neat shots with the snow. I am going to continue to try shooting and making the best of this cold weather. However, I may have to run on reserve for a little while with some of my favorite photos from 2017. Lets see how it goes for a bit and I will see what my mind wants me to do. Here are some winter shots for whoever takes the time to read this shit.