Just the Beginning

If you were to ask me where the summer has gone, I honestly couldn't tell you. I remember just a few short weeks ago I would be out shooting and the sun would set at around 9pm as I would be enjoying my end of the day flight. Only a week into September and the sun is setting closer to 7pm making the days feel shorter, especially with the cold air coming. With time flying by faster and faster and some of my larger projects in their final stages, I am very happy with where I am today. 

This summer may have gone by fast, may have been the most stressful and busy summer yet, but has also been one of the most productive summers for me in the sense of creating. Day after day, I go out to shoot whether I'm at a job or just out for a personal flight. I try to make the best of every situation to capture something that has value to me. Waiting around for the light to be just right has definitely taught me patients while actually being in some of these places to fly has showed me how peaceful life can be. Every photo I take, I aim to show something I can admire, something I am interested in and something I can stare at for a while and really appreciate.

Soon, I will be releasing two big projects we have been working on with Simply Visual Productions and I feel that this will be our intro into the world as a company. These two projects really speak our name and show our style and this is something I want to grow and get better at as we continue to work with clients. After talking to my business partner back and forth this month going over our business and revising projects, we feel as if we are just at the beginning of it all. It took us almost two years to get to where we are now, to learn all we have learned and to be able to shoot all we have shot. By the end of this month we are hoping to move into a new place, get our office back and really start going after more work.

I can say that overall, we are in a very good place and we are both happy to see where it is all headed. Not too many people see all the hard work we put into our business and personal work but they don't always need to. All the 10-15 hour days, with the editing, phone calls, driving and stress will pay off when the time comes. It is a real learning experience to be building a company like this but we could not be happier to have chosen to do what we are doing today. More work to come soon and this time it will actually be some real work we have been doing as a company :) Anyway, enjoy some of the photos from the past few weeks below!