It's August Already?

I moved back home in June 2017 and cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. Today it is August 2nd but where the hell did those two months go? I have been working so much day after day that it scares me when people say they are bored. I used to have that problem not too long ago but I feel like now I always have something to work on. It begins to get hard to find the time for certain things. This summer we have done just about three big commercial jobs with Simply Visual Productions and though it may not sound like a lot, it really is a good amount of work to handle. I am very excited to release these projects and show what we have been up to outside of our daily real estate work. I am hoping that these jobs will land us more in the future and people will begin to realize why we are different from other companies out there.

Having my own business is tough for sure, I still have so much to learn and do to get where I want. Slowly but surely, Vin and I are making our way there and continue to get more and more work that we want to be doing. Though the stress can be crazy, at the end of the day, it is worth it to know we are on the right path to building a life and company we both enjoy. One day Simply Visual Productions will be a lot bigger than it is now but it will need some time to get there.

With the summer coming close to an end and fall approaching, I just booked a trip to Oregon with my good friend Tom. Tom and I have been working together for a few years now and have really gotten into this whole drone thing. Both of us look to excel and create better work for ourselves in order to take it to the next level. We are trying to work on the dual operator capabilities that the inspire 2 has in order to create work a single pilot cannot. We have plenty more practice to get, but the more time we put in, the  better we will get and the more potential we will have a ways down the road.

After a summer full of work, stress and drama, I think this trip to Oregon is going to be one of the best trips yet. It has always been a goal of mine to travel more and finally things are starting to work out for me where I have the option to be able to do that. I hope that one day work will take me around the country and around the world, but in the time being, while I am young, I would like to see, experience and document as much as I can. It is nice to surround myself with people who encourage me to do what I do and also appreciate the same things I do. Traveling can be awesome when you are with the right people.

In the time that I don't spend actually traveling, I am looking for more and more places I can shoot that are within a driving distance from me. Call me crazy, but even after working all day and driving from job to job, I will still drive an hour or so away to shoot something if I think it is going to be worth it to me. This summer I have created some of my best aerial work yet and look to keep up with it. It has been a rough summer with all that is going on but it is certainly a summer I will not forget. Here are some straight down, industrial type shots with cool patterns and colors and light I have been messing with. I wont go too into depth but I love shooting straight down and seeing these almost perfect lines and shapes, I feel sometimes we take things for-granted seeing it the way we do from the ground all the time. Having a drone and shooting from the sky has changed my perspective on a lot of things, even the ugliest places can be so beautiful.