Social Media Rant

I haven't written a blog in a few days, I hate when I get slow at this because I have been trying so hard to keep up with it all and I feel like I fail myself when I don't post things. Anyway, This isn't the standard blog because I have t go off about my generation and the impact Social Media has on it. Before I start, I can understand all sides of it but at the same time, there are a lot of issues that people refuse to address which is why I figure I'll dive right into it.

For my generation, I think it all started years ago when Myspace came out. This was the next best thing in the world and it truly appeared that way. Facebook was next, then Twitter... Now Instagram and even Snapchat. With all of these platforms to keep up with, it almost becomes a full time job staying on top of things or who is doing what. With technology evolving and opportunities arising through every different form of social media, it is almost necessary to keep up with it all. However, I think that this has a very big impact on a lot of us younger people and it is only going to get worse with the generations to come.

Social media is an outlet for people to get to know who we are, or at least who we want people to think we are. This whole concept has been bugging me lately because I see it affect so many people, yet almost all of them refuse to believe it is hurting them in any way. One of my biggest concerns is that people care too much about other people or what other people think about them just through social media alone. We are able to see who likes this picture, who comments on this one, who follows this person... and to make it even better, we have live updates as to when all this is happening. We even have these apps using our location to let people know where we did this or the last place we were doing this. This is the type of stuff that can open up so many trust issues with friends, couples or even clients if we really wanted to get into it.

Some of the people I am referring to have become so involved in social media that they pretty much turn into a spy and stalk what other people are doing. It sounds crazy, but I would have to say that almost 50% of the people I know actually do this. It has become so crazy that it now seems normal and okay to do. The amount of time we spend on our phones is absolutely ridiculous and the amount of times we jump from one platform to the next to see what is new is even worse. I find myself doing this all the time and when I do, it all clicks in my mind. I am just as affected as everyone else, the only difference is that I am willing to admit it and I know that there are times it is hurting me.

When we get this involved/concerned with the lives of other people through social media, it forces us to overthink things and look past the reality of it all. When we stay too focused on how we want to be perceived through social media, it hurts us even more. We are people... no one has it perfect. I don't give a shit if you have 14 million followers and post the coolest pictures of yourself traveling to the most exotic places or working the best job in the world and all of your stories are you living it up, being happy as can be and showing others how perfect your life is. Deep down, or at least in my mind, I know that it is not. It all seems to be an act we put on for others to make it seem like nothing is wrong. Don't get me wrong, we don't have to be depressed and post about it but we do need to understand that regardless of what others show, they are human too and if you have feelings or have ever had feelings for someone else.. You should know that there is a lot more to their life aside from the social media.

Everybody has their struggles but not everybody shows them, not everybody talks about them. Some of the most successful people on social media may seem like they have the perfect life, but they portray themselves in that way to make other people look up to them. We aren't all perfect, in fact, nobody is. This whole game of social media almost each and everyone of us takes part in is becoming unhealthy to our actual relationships with the real people we are. We need to use social media in a way to help us out while at the same time, not letting it take over our lives. I will always remember that there are real people sitting behind their phones, tablets and computers. People with real thoughts, real feelings and real emotions. No matter how glamorous you want to make your life look, I know that there is a real person behind that little screen we view all this social media on. 

For me, social media has allowed me to connect with several people. Friends, artists, models, accounts that feature people doing things they love and even work. When I use social media, I try to be honest about my life. I may have some really great photos, but behind each photo, there is a story, there is meaning, there is a reason why it's there. In my captions I try to write things that are relevant to my life or I try to make them goofy to show that I am not always the most serious person in this world. Life is about doing what you love and as hard as life gets and as many times it can knock us down, we need to get back up and do what is best for us.

It takes me a really long time to write these blogs sometimes. I try to write things that important to me and sometimes struggle to get my point across. Over the past few months, I have definitely been going through a lot and trying to find happiness within myself. I have never been so stressed or bothered by certain things, but through it all, I have learned how to manage and overcome a lot. I always say that I am happy being where I am and that is true. I work as hard as I do and try to understand the things I do to better myself because I know that it will help make me a better person. I hope that my words can also help others overcome some of the problems they have as they can see that I go through all of these problems myself, and have still gotten to the point I am today. Nothing comes easy in life and it is good to see that there are people out there who are honest and there to help others.