Aerials After Aerials

This entire summer has been one huge ride for me. I have shifted my focus towards creating better work and strive to keep doing so whenever I find free time. With all the work I've been doing lately, it has been very tough to get out there and create but everyday I try to find new places to go to create new work. Even after a long day of work and about 5 hours in the car driving from job to job, I find myself getting in my car again to drive another  50 miles out to a location I'm interested in shooting. Though it can take a while to drive to these spots, there is something about being out there alone and photographing them with my drone that is so peaceful. It is a feeling I can't really describe.

If you have read about my Island Series below, you can get a sense of reason behind some of my images. As I move forward and continue to do more work, I am looking to maybe start another series of some kind. I'd like to finish my islands but I think I am out of houses until I can travel a lot further away to shoot more. In the meantime, I can share ones without houses, but I am doing my best to keep all of these images consistent so that they can relate to each other. I think next up will be a series that has to do with texture, I have always been interested in seeing such abstract things from the sky because on the ground, you would never be able to see it in that way. I guess I will have to start thinking about a name for that as I go out to find more and more places where I think there would be good texture.

One thing I need in my photos is my own approval. That isn't always easy to get from myself. There are times I'll go out to shoot and come home with some awesome photos, but sometimes they aren't awesome enough for me to share. Posting almost everyday on Instagram has been a big challenge because it forces me to let go of that and understand that a lot of what I am creating is pretty solid. For me, I just always want to do better and get better so even an amazing photo is something I tend to look right past. Here are a few more images from the past week or two and keep those eyes open for some good ones this week ;)