Never Ending

It's the beginning of June now and I have moved out from my house near the beach, I feel like in a few weeks it will hit me that I really do miss it down there. A lot of weird things have been going on lately with certain relationships and things definitely have not worked out how I wanted them to. Maybe there is a reason for that, I wish it could be fixed, but I know the more I sit here and dwell on it, the more it will hurt me and hold me back. If things are meant to be, I believe that only time will tell. That being said, I know that it is time to rely completely on myself to do whatever I want/need to do in life. I have been doing my best to do the best work I possibly can, I have been upgrading my gear and learning how to use it and slowly but surely, I am getting better with it all. I am becoming more responsible, more understanding and more aware of investments I can make to help me out in future situations. Though the work is literally nonstop and I struggle to keep up with things, it is something I need to learn to handle. 

I just got my GH5 and filmed my first video with that yesterday, I think I did pretty well with some of the detail shots in this older home. My goal was to show what makes the house unique compared to others in the area which is also my goal for almost every other house I shoot. Day after day, I realize how grateful I am to be doing what I love and I am looking forward to going on a business trip halfway across the country to film some work for Baileigh Industrial this week. This job has been planned for a while now but it is such an accomplishment to know that Simply Visual Productions is being hired by a much larger company to put out some work for their social media pages. I was reminded of this when my buddy John called me up earlier telling me he had just spoken with the social media manager and said that he was already talking about having us go out for more work after this. I couldn't be more excited to be traveling and doing work for a company because just a year ago, I never thought this could be possible, it was just something I was dreaming of.

From all the work coming in to all of the personal work I am trying to keep up with and all of the people I am trying to help out; busy never felt so real. At this point in my life, I realize how important it is to put all the effort I can into what I do and continue to better myself in anyway I can, one of my main priorities in life is the work I do and I don't think that will ever change. I think it is time for me to sign off on this one and get back to everything! Here are a few photos to look at!