Recently I have been trying to keep my mind off certain things but it can be extremely difficult to do that sometimes. Late at night or randomly during the day, I find myself thinking about the past and how good everything once seemed to be. There just always seems to be something that can trigger a thought or memory in my mind and then I start to get carried away. Everything of course is fine but I am certainly in an odd phase and just need some time to deal with this whole situation. The one thing I can always do to help me out involves my camera, mainly my drone because I am trying to put out more work that has meaning to me. I find that when I go out to fly, my problems disappear and I focus on something extremely valuable to me, photography. I have mapped out several places that I want to travel to and photograph and plan to shoot as much as I possibly can this summer. I think it is great to step away from reality and go out to shoot on my own because it separates me from all the day to day drama and stress. Creating my own imagery is rewarding in the sense that I can practice my flying while having all of the freedom I want shooting. In the end, I come home with photos that have a real value to me. 

Most of these trips/photos I plan all on my own, I travel up to an hour or more away during specific times of the day to get the shots I have in mind. If they do not work out the first time, I always consider what I can do differently so I can return to get the image I want hopefully the second time. Everything from planning the location, time of day, finding a place to park and fly from, choosing lenses and filters to fly with, composing the image, coming back to see if everything is sharp,  narrowing down my choices and finally editing the image/images to look how I pictured it in my mind. A majority of my time is spent out shooting, I tend to get so focused on what I am doing that nothing else seems to exist around me. I almost feel like this is some sort of meditation for me and it is honestly something I cannot get away from. It is nice to have people join me on adventures like these, I love to pass on my knowledge and see others get excited about photos that they are able to create. One of the best things I can do is be here to help out others because I know that to them, that means a lot and if I was ever struggling or had a question, it would be great to have someone help me out. I unfortunately don't always have that option myself which is why I like to be there for others. I've come to realize that it is a lot more rewarding to help out people rather than to always worry about yourself; at least in my case that feels like the right thing to do. So on my journey's moving forward, I would like to hold myself to this blog and continue to challenge myself to go out and shoot.

With time, everything will sort itself out and hopefully everything will turn out to be better than it was before!