Wisconsin: Baileigh Industrial

This was our biggest trip yet and one of the most exciting steps forward for Simply Visual Productions. It was an honor to work with such a large company who was interested in stepping up their social media marketing and allowing us to take full creative control. For two full days, we shot in a warehouse that was rented out specifically for us. Baileigh brought over all of the machinery and had everything ready to go when we arrived on location at 6am to begin shooting both days. We worked till around 9pm the first day and till about 7pm the second day in the warehouse. Though the days were long, we accomplished a lot, filmed plenty of machinery and learned a ton about this equipment that was so foreign to us before hand. The other two days we spent filming some of the equipment in Baileigh's warehouse and finished up the last day shooting some of the building and lifestyle of Baileigh. Now we are left with the hardest part of the job which is to select the clips that will be used (I'm afraid there may be too many good ones).

The best part about this trip was creating a relationship with a new client. Being on set all day for 3-4 days in a row really allowed us all to get to know one another. We met the people who operate the machinery on a daily basis in their own shops, or in this case the "talent" that Baileigh flew out to star in the videos and show how their machinery works. All of the people we met were awesome, smart and extremely talented. It was amazing to gain some knowledge on all this stuff that makes no sense to me. It was funny because when I talk cameras, no one understands a word I say about lenses, bodies, aperture and so on... For once I found myself unable to understand the terms they were using for the machinery and other equipment but thats when I realized how passionate they were about what they do. In the end, we had all come together to create these videos for Baileigh Industrial. At times we hit ultimate levels of stress, but being on set with everyone, we knew that we needed to stay calm and keep everything going. I've never had so much trouble flying my drone, this was my first ever indoor flight. Once I figured everything out, I was finally able to execute some awesome indoor shots that I have to say I feel very accomplished about. 

Overall, I am very proud of the team and all of the people who helped on the other end. If it weren't for everyone there to help, none of this would have been possible. This goes to show that hard work pays off, and if you believe in yourself and know what you are capable of, there is no limit to the work you can do. I hope to be working with Baileigh again in the near future, creating more awesome videos for them to promote themselves and their machinery. In a few weeks I am sure we will be sharing some of this content!