Memorial Day Weekend

I never really celebrate the holidays, nor do I care to unless there is actually something going on. I have had so much work lately that I just need to sit down and get going on it all. Instead of doing what most of my friends are doing which is going out, partying and hanging out all day, I need to give myself space and focus more on work because I'm not so sure what partying will do for me. I would love to have a break from all the work, but I need to know that I can still get all my stuff done without pushing it back and having to cram it all in and not do a good job with it. Lot's of stress lately, but aside from all the negative words I just threw out there about holidays, yesterday actually turned out to be a really great day for me.

Though I've been down in the dumps here and there, I had scheduled an appointment earlier in the week to do headshots of a good friends friend. She came over around noon and we talked, got her comfortable in front of the camera and took a bunch of photos for her to send out and use wherever she needs to. It was awesome to meet and work with this girl as she seems to be very passionate about music, singing and acting. She was also very good at playing the guitar and had an amazing voice, which I came to find out after she left. The hardest part about doing this shoot was that this good friend of mine and I aren't really on good terms. I have nothing bad to say about her because she is such an amazing girl, but I did not want to decline these headshots for one of her friends. At the end of the day, I think I did the right thing and I hope that she is able to make good use of the photos I took of her.

A few months back after I had bought my Inspire 2, I was left with three different drones. I knew that it was time to sell at least one and keep the other incase I ever needed it. Anyway, I ended up selling my drone to a 14 year old who lives a few towns away. I remember him coming here to pick it up with his parents and being really excited to have this new drone. It was a bit of an awkward interaction as I was not so busy during these months, but as time went on things changed a bit. Greg, this 14 year old turns out to be very interested in photography and video. He would reach out to me asking questions and looked up to the work I was doing. A few weeks back he was inspired to try a long exposure after seeing a one that I had posted. Turns out that he actually went out there, figured out how to do it and did a really good job with it. From there, he reached out to me and asked If I would be able to fly with him during the weekend when he would be at his beach house. After seeing how much he cared about all of this, I had to go fly with him and be supportive because I am so amazed that someone this young cares about what he is doing than some of my older friends even do. After taking the headshots, I packed all of my drone gear up and got ready to go out and fly with Greg; from here, my day really changed in the best way it possibly could.

When I got to Greg's house, his whole family was there enjoying a party of their own. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I was greeted by Greg's father, Greg, who almost seemed like a completely different person from when I first met him. He asked me about work and how business has been and we proceeded to talk for a while. After that, I spoke with a few of his family members and showed them some of my work and told them a little more about me and my company. It felt great to see that everyone I talked to was so interested in my work and that was something that really made me feel good. From there, Greg and a few buddies of his led me to the lake where I flew the Inspire 2 for them. Knowing drones, they were all really excited to see this one fly and had so many questions to ask about it. When we finished up there, we headed back and I let Greg check out a few of the files I had just shot. While we were back at his house, both of his parents invited me to stay for dinner and being that I had nothing else to do, I said yes and gladly joined them. Honestly, this whole experience was the best thing that has happened to me in a while. These people pretty much invited me, a stranger, into their house and let me eat with them, have a drink and hangout. I chatted with Greg's dad more, spoke with his uncle and some of his other family members and it made me realize how important family is. I am really fortunate that this ended up happening because I have been so negative lately dealing with people who are unhappy with me and unhappy with my work. I also live away from home, so I wasn't spending any time with my own family and it meant a lot that they were so welcoming and let me stay as long as I wanted. After dinner and all, we went out for one more flight and I returned to say thank you and goodbye. When I was driving home, all I could think about was how great Greg's family was and how I could never turn down a favor from them again. I hope that I will be able to teach Greg anything he wants to know about photography and hopefully one day he can become a part of my company.

Quite a long post there but I felt like I needed to share this because of how meaningful it was to me. After feeling down because of a situation I've been in month after month with someone I care so much about, I was able to pull myself out of it by being surrounded by such good people. On my way back home, I went out to fly once more in Belmar and got even more awesome stuff making my day that much better. If this was too much writing, then hopefully the visuals will be enough to satisfy!