End of March Reflection

I wrote this blog last Friday night, but didn't really feel like I should post it because it's pretty personal. Sometimes it is hard to share the thoughts I have with the world and when it is up on my site, everybody and anybody can see it and read it. Hopefully this will be something that can help others out, whether they just come to realize something in their life or learn something from reading about mine.

It is every once in a while that I am able to sit back and reflect on things and tonight was definitely one of those nights. After sitting here and looking back on this past month, I am proud of myself for all the work I have done. However, there is so much more work to come that I haven’t even gotten myself involved with yet. I guess what made me realize how busy I have been was the fact that all of my roommates were hanging out while I was out at a meeting tonight with a lot of potential. After driving back home at 9pm and not looking at my phone for about an hour, I realized there was a big work conflict and I had to deal with that. When I step into the house I get the “There he is!” And tell everyone about the meeting and how excited I am about moving forward with everything. I then go back to my office to make more phone calls and answer a few emails. Normally people are done with work at 6 pm or so, but my hours don't stop, I will take calls or get back to people regardless of the day or time because I want my clients/the people I work for to be happy. I realize now that I am on my phone a lot and people sometimes get annoyed about that, but 85% of my work is done through my phone alone and I am constantly working no matter what. I've learned one thing through all of this and that is if you can manage to put the work in, good things will come.

What I am getting at is that I have been working for about 10 months now in the real world and just now things are shaping up to be where I want them to be. I'd love to say that things are fine where they are, but they aren’t. They aren’t fine where they are because I see where they can go. Work to me has become so important because I have realized that we are capable of anything we put our minds to. No dream is big enough. If you can put the effort into getting where you want to be in life, you can get there. After meeting up with a group of six kids who are in the first stage of creating there business and hearing them talk about doing something they love instead of doing what a majority of people do, got me really fired up to work with them. They had a whole plan, funding, connections and everything they needed to me they seemed like they were ready to go. I was able to admire them for being able to realize at the age they are at, that they are able to do whatever they hell they want in life regardless of anything else. The only thing stopping anyone from doing what they want are the obstacles they create for themselves.

Along this whole ride I’ve had creating my own business, I realize no part of it is easy and no part of it should be. There are times that relationships will be damaged, friends will be lost and that times get rough but despite all the downs, there are ups. For all of the hard work, time, effort, and passion that goes into creating something, comes nothing more rewarding than being able to look back and realize what you have achieved through it all. Of course I want to stay close with certain people and all they need to understand is that I am in the process of creating something very valuable to me and in order to get there I need to be able to handle all the work I have and make sure it is done to meet my standards. It is important to me that my company stands out because of the hard work we put in to make each and every project as perfect as it can be. From all of this hard work, I hope to travel, enjoy what I do and live a fun creative life. One day I hope to have an awesome, happy family. Something that I didn’t exactly have growing up as a child.

Tonight I was able to sit back and reflect on a bunch of things. There is so much I want to accomplish in my life and tonight I was able to realize the good and bad of it all. No matter what stands in my way, I look to push through the obstacles, keep my friends and family by my side and be able to provide for the people who I am close with. I didn't start doing this because I thought it was going to be easy doing what I love for a living, I did it because I truly enjoy it and see how much photography and videography is becoming a bigger part of life day after day. I want to be one of the people out there making my dreams come true, while helping others make their dreams come true.