Keep Moving

I always try to talk a little bit about myself in these blogs even though I'm still not too comfortable with it. This past week has been hard on me because I feel like I am letting go of someone who is close to me that I really care about. On my end, I know that maybe it's best to let it be for now and continue on with my life and my work. If things turn around let them, but I realize I have so much opportunity in front of me that maybe this is a good thing for the time being.

I realize that when I get into these phases, photography becomes an escape for me and creating images is a way for me to express my thoughts. None of this is completely intentional but when I look at these images, I relate to them in a different way then usual. I have also come to the conclusion that my favorite way to take aerial photos is by shooting straight down. Yes, I know I can tilt the camera in any other direction but this perspective is just so interesting to me. Every time I go out, I shoot this way...and I will continue to do so!

I have made another purchase which I feel is going to really benefit me and allow me to keep pushing my work. The new MacBook Pro will be arriving here today and I can finally work away from my desktop. I think this upgrade alone will make my life a lot easier and a bit more stress free so I am hoping I can really enjoy this new computer. It will be nice to finally get out of the office and be able to work wherever I want again, quite a luxury if you ask me (I've spent countless hours in my basement office because that's where my desktop is and it really takes a toll on me haha). I know I may be writing all boring and weird just cause I am a little upset, but I'll get over it. I am still happy to see things shape up and head in the direction they are with work and life in general; it's all just part of growing up. I know I still have a lot of hard work to get involved in, but I am ready for the challenge. I look forward to putting out work that myself and others can appreciate.