Blah Blah Blah

These past couple of weeks have definitely had their ups and downs as I have been dealing with work, relationships, finances and so on. One thing that hasn't changed is how much I love doing what I do, regardless of how much I do it. It came to me the past few days while I was at some of my aerial jobs and just being out flying my drone for my own personal photography. People always ask me questions about the drone or what I am doing with it. At first, this used to bother me cause I never really had a reason to fly aside from practicing my photography or videography with it. Now that I basically fly my drone for 90% of the jobs I do, I tell them this is what I do for work, I shoot a lot of real estate and tell them I am out flying for fun. It is always great to see their reactions to the young guy just flying his drone at the beach, a majority of these people don't even understand what these drones do or what they are capable of and for me to have the knowledge and experience I do with them makes me feel great. I absolutely love that my drone has become a part of my life and that I am able to use it for work as well as my own personal use.

When I think about my friends and their jobs and think about how nice the weather has been lately, I almost feel bad they are trapped in an office all day with a 30-60 minute lunch break. Though I'm in my car between 3-7 hours a day driving from job to job, I love to open my sunroof and cruise around when the weather is nice. When I get to my jobs, I get to spend some time in these homes that really do blow my mind sometimes. The best part is that I get to take photos or create a video.....or fly my drone so that the realtors I work with can market them online. Who in a million years thought I would become a real estate photographer? I love that I face a new challenge in every single home I enter, whether the outside is too tight to even be flying a drone, the inside is too big for a flash to do anything or the home isn't exactly ideal for a creative video. I always have to find a way to solve these problems in order to put out work that I like and work that the realtors are happy with. Though it is hard and takes a lot of thought and time and effort... it will only help me improve my work.

Everything else from relationships to stressing about taxes has been the bumpiest part of it all. You'd think in the four years you go to college and dig yourself into a hole with debt and student loans you'd learn a little bit about how to be an adult. Maybe college teaches you (or offers courses on) how to pay your bills, save/invest/put away money, something about taxes... Nope. I learned nothing about any of this in college and boom; I get spit out into the real world learning to deal with it on my own, as I would assume a majority of students do. Most people graduate and have one source of income from the job they go to every day. Now I think that makes dealing with taxes and income a bit easier, however, I have over five different sources of income, more running through my business and not one single idea about how to deal with all this all because it is my first year actually having to file taxes for real life work. Enough with the rant, but I was able to solve my problem by getting in touch with an accountant my buddy recommended and I plan on working with him and learning from him so I can get myself and my business more organized and do not face any of these problems later in life.

If taxes aren't enough, I swear every time I begin to get close with someone, something ends up going wrong. I always try to find a solution but again, it doesn't always pan out the way I see it. Now I sit back and just wonder, is it really worth it to me? My honest answer is yes, but with the amount of work and stress I have been dealing with, I don't like these little games our generation plays on each other or how we deal with real, meaningful situations. I feel like the technology has made us so immature and texting rather than talking face to face has created a wall where we cannot see the emotions or reactions of the person on the other side. I've said in my blog a while ago and I'll say it again now; the people who truly care about you and want to be part of your life, will be the ones that stick around. Whenever I am in these situations, I have a hard time with several things but I know that with a little bit of time and the right mindset towards it, things will be alright... or at least I hope so lol. Anyway, the only girl I need on my side right now is my beautiful drone who takes awesome photos and videos and is super supportive of the work I do :)

Aside from that and the real estate with it picking up faster and faster as spring moves in, my company has been landing a few other big jobs, one being out in Wisconsin that I am sure I will be writing about soon enough. I am thrilled that we will be taking another business trip and unlocking some new opportunities for our company. It feels good to show people our work and see that they enjoy it so much that they are willing to fly us across the country to do work for them. I am proud of the things I have been able to accomplish and know that this isn't even the beginning because there is so much more to come. I am willing to work as hard as I possibly can to achieve the things I want in life, whether that be work, relationships or achieving happiness, and I don't see a reason to give up until I get there!