Bad Weather and Some Work

Weeks have gone by and the weather here still hasn't let up. We've had constant rain, fog, wind and all kinds of weather that really restricts any sort of flying for me. To add to it, last week I was really sick and did not feel like I was in any condition to be out flying anyway. It has been really annoying to not be able to go out and shoot when I want and I feel like I am getting lazy because of it. I've had enough of the winter weather and would like for spring to come so I can get out and shoot more and maybe even see some color coming from the trees so the things I shoot aren't so dead looking. This week I am feeling much better, however there is plenty of rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. I am hoping it will clear up by the end of the week and I can get out there for some personal flying once again.

The past few weeks that the weather hasn't been up to par for me, I have still been working on the nicer days. I've had a ton of jobs rolling in because spring is finally here and the market for real estate is starting to pick back up. I look forward to working more and more as it gets busier (even though I'm getting slammed at times) and challenging myself to get more creative inside some of these homes. Below I will post a few videos I have made. These videos are something I can see becoming the norm for real estate as time continues to go on. One of my favorite things about shooting real estate is showing the home in a way we don't typically see it. I love to allow the viewer to focus on smooth, slow pans of the room and then jump to different detail shots of/in the house to really make it unique to the other homes I shoot. I feel like some of the music I use can also add to the video by adding a sense of emotion. It is tough for me to talk about how or why I make my videos the way I do, but that is something I will elaborate on another time! In the mean time... Enjoy!