I always talk about how I want to travel and take photos and videos of a specific place, but it isn't always easy to find the time to go out and do that. Last week, a big snow storm was headed our way and we were expecting to get between 12 and 18 inches of snow. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually take some time off and travel because I more than likely wouldn't be working in the snow. All my jobs from Tuesday were pushed to Monday because of the storm and I think that was the busiest day I have had thus far. I spent a solid six hours in the car driving from place to place to shoot and did a total of seven jobs. Throughout all of this, I was on the phone with my buddy planning our trip to Ithaca that same night before the storm really started coming in. I got back home around 8pm on Monday, finished up all of my work before 10pm and was on the road by 10:30pm headed up north to shoot some stuff you wont see here in Jersey for once.

3am we pulled over at a rest stop to sleep in the car for a while. The caffeine wasn't helping much and the weather was absolutely insane. Worst drive of my life so far. The snow was coming down so hard we couldn't see more than 10 ft in front of us. The only thing that kept us on the road was the contrast of the edge of it and the tire tracks that were already on the ground... if there even were any. To add to the stress of driving in this crazy weather, every 30 minutes we had to pull over to clean off the windshield wipers because they kept freezing. After a quick rest, at around 7am we headed back out, roads just as bad, if not worse but the big plus was that it was daylight. About three hours later, we roll up to our hotel and very thankfully got into the room early so we could catch up on some sleep.

Later that day we got up, got dressed and set out to explore the area in which we would be filming/taking photos. Again, the visibility was low, the winds were strong and the snow was coming down. The roads were really bad so we had to drive slow, even though we were in a pretty safe Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with 4 wheel drive (the weather always wins). We found two gorgeous places with waterfalls, one was the main attraction we had gone out to see and the other was my favorite with a walking bridge going right over the view of it all. I snagged a few pictures on my phone just to get some ideas for what I wanted to shoot the next day in hopes of the weather calming down a bit more. 

The next day we got up and immediately got ready to go. We packed up the car with all of the gear, grabbed breakfast and coffee, then headed back to the spots we scouted the day before. The weather still wasn't what we wanted but we ended up shooting, just with a lot more caution. After all the shooting was done, we went for a hike in the two feet of snow to get down to the bridge by the waterfall we came to see. As horrible as that hike was, we rewarded ourselves afterwards with a hell of a burger and some beer from Ithaca Ale House.

This trip was proof of how ignorant I can be at times by risking plenty to drive up in a horrible storm, but like I say, these photos don't take themselves. We were as cautious as we could be driving up there and only shot what we could, when we could. We honestly didn't have much time to shoot considering how wild the weather was, but it is the trips like this that I will forever remember; the good and the bad of it all. I am happy I was able to arrange my schedule to be able to take this trip, and I am even happier that I was able to come home with some content to show from it. Though I would have enjoyed better weather and more time being able to film, I took what I could from this trip and am glad I made it there and back safe.