Is that a Toy?!

The other day I was out with my two good friends, Vin DeMilio and John Stessel. We were just driving around shooting while I was trying out some new Aerial Portraiture with my drone. We started off at a park in Deal, NJ and then headed to Asbury after while the sun was going down. We get to the boardwalk and Vin heads off in one direction to go fly while John comes with me to be my "Magic" model (If you don't know John, he is the best magician I know and also one of the most inspiring people I know too. John is the type of person who chases what he wants and doesn't ever give up on it. Because of that, he has come so far along in his magic career and I couldn't be more honored to be his friend). I was flying right by the "Casino" on the Asbury boardwalk for about 20 minutes thinking of creative ways I could shoot aerials with my 45mm lens on my Inspire 2. This was my first run at it so it was hard to come up with ideas but I was starting to get a lot of shots I liked. My whole goal was to stray away from the classic straight down shooting that I typically do, I wanted to challenge myself to create something a little bit more unique, something that could potentially stand out when people see it because it hasn't yet been done. Anyway, at the end of my shoot, I was doing my last shot and this woman walks up to me just as I landed the drone and asks, "How much does something like that cost ya?" I continued to very politely explain that a good drone can range from about $700 to over $5000 like this one (which is not how much mine costs, it is definitely more but I don't need people to know the actual price unless they are actually interested in buying one themselves). After I tell her that, she steps back, looks up at me and screams, "Five Thousand Dollars for a Toy?!"

A Toy.... John gets up from laying on the ground, picks up his cards and walks over to me and this woman and goes, "A Toy? That is not a toy." From here the woman went on and I was just shocked by all the things she was saying. Asking me things like, "What do you do with that thing, take pictures and videos?" Ummmm.... Yeah I do, and actually I do this for a living too. You don't need to announce the price of my drone to everyone out on the boardwalk at the current moment or look down on what somebody else is doing. Get your shit together and be an adult. This was the first time I was really annoyed with someone asking me about the drone. Usually people are friendly and ask questions that I can answer but this woman straight up tries to insult me. Never will I ever let a person like that bring me down. My drone is not a toy, it is a camera and to me, a camera is something very important. 

This whole little event was a reminder to not let other peoples words bring me down. I don't know what was wrong with this woman, but clearly she didn't understand anything about what I did, nor did she care. There will always be people like that out there, and there will also be plenty of other people who do care and have an appreciation for what you do. If you love what you do, don't let other people have an affect on it. Keep doing what you feel is right and what you feel will make YOU better. In a way, I am glad this happened. I was able to stay composed and think about what she had said. I could have easily flipped out on her or gotten into an argument, but it wouldn't have been worth it. That is not the type of person I am and it would have been a little bit immature to react in a crazy way like that. So there is another short story for the week.