Practice and Life in General

After making a few upgrades to my gear, I realize I need to take the time to go out and learn how to use it all in order to put out the best possible work I can. My drone, I am absolutely in love with and blown away by the quality of the photos and video I can take with it. The one thing I am still struggling with is the video with my 45mm Olympus lens mounted to the drone. This has to be my favorite combo when flying because it gives off such a cool look that is very hard to achieve without these materials. My goal is to master using these tools so that my shots are smooth and stable. I currently only single operate my drone and am not really a huge fan of the flight modes. 90% of the work I do is all manual, I control the speed, direction, camera and everything to achieve the shots I want. As hard as it is to do this sometimes, I am used to it because my Phantom 3 didn't have these options, but I do feel like if I spend some more time working with the flight modes, they would more than likely be a very helpful feature. With some more time out practicing, I think I will find myself doing some more really cool things with this drone. If it is possible though, I would love for some warmer weather so it can be a little more enjoyable flying outside haha.

Below you will see some images from the past few days. I went out to Belmar with a friend of mine and shot the sunset with my Nikon which is something I don't do much anymore. While I was there, I realized how much I missed shooting long exposures once again. I loved hearing the sounds of the water from the waves crashing on the rocks to the water splashing in the inlet. Aside from the sounds, the sky was clear and beautiful and when it was finally dark, there were plenty of stars in the sky. It reminds me what it is like to be at peace just being out there with nature and observing the beauty of it all.

Aside from all of my work, I have been really proud of a lot of my friends lately. When I was out shooting in Belmar with my buddy, he was telling me all about his ideas and internships/jobs and what he wants to do with photography. It made me so happy to hear that because I love when people actually have a passion for something and look to pursue it no matter how risky it may be. Whether my friends are excelling in the things they do, sports they participate in, careers they choose, or choices they make, I am always here to support them with anything they need. If it weren't for these people, I'm sure I would be lost myself. I am very thankful for the people I have in my life and am happy to be where I am today because of some of the influences they have had on me.