Two Week Mark: Couldn't be More in Love

I've had this Inspire 2 for just about two weeks now and I don't think I have loved anything as much as I love this drone. Being able to control all the camera settings is a huge advantage, but don't even get me started about how you can change the lenses because that is honestly the best part of it all. So after getting used to flying, filming and taking photos for just a short period of time, I've realized how much potential I have with this drone and I've allowed my mind to wonder and come up with some new ideas for when I go out to shoot. After pulling this huge risk and getting this drone, I think it's time to show people what I am capable of doing by challenging myself to come up with new ideas and different techniques for aerial photography and videography. I will share a few photos and a short video I have put together, but there will be plenty more to come in the near future.

Yesterday, I took a trip up to South Amboy to shoot some railroads and docks along the inlet. On my way up, I was in one of those funky moods thinking about people and how they are. I'm not sure why this was a thought that crossed my mind, but I realized a lot of people are lazy and they talk about doing all these things but never end up doing them. People ask me why I go out to take photos, why I would drive in the snow if the weather is bad, why I need to travel hours away to find a place to shoot... Why? Because I love doing it, I love the content I can create even if it takes me 20 tries to go out there and get it. I don't go out and shoot because people tell me to, I don't care if people make fun of me because I do what I do; I do all of this because it is something I want to do. None of my work would exist if I didn't go out and put the time into doing it, but the truth is, I think photography has just become a big part of my life (maybe it has become my life). It allows me to express the way I view things and I will forever strive to create compelling content no matter what it takes.

So when I think of people and the way they behave, I still can't completely figure out certain people. People come and go in life but it is up to us ourselves to choose how we behave and make the choices we need to make in life... and I cant stress that enough. This takes me to my next story about meeting a man who had nothing but a general interest in what I did who also had quite the background himself. When I was flying at the docks out in South Amboy, I noticed a few guys hanging out on the boat next to me. I was hoping they wouldn't give me any trouble for flying my drone, when about 10 minutes into my flight one of the guys walked up to me in my car and began asking me some questions about the drone. From there we began talking. He had a huge interest in drones and knew a lot about flying as he was an airplane and helicopter pilot for probably about 30 years or so. He told me he was in the filming industry a while back as well and talked about all the work he used to do from filming boat racing out of helicopters at over 90mph to duct-taping cameras onto planes and filming them fly before all these newer camera mounting systems became a thing. He told me about some of his experiences up in the plane, his first ever IFR flight where he was landing and couldn't see the runway but had to trust ATC and the Instruments to land. As a pilot who has only flown VFR, this was a scary process to trust he said, but in the end, it all ended up working out. He told me about a bunch of incidents he had in helicopters from picking up Whitney Houston at her house and having her refuse to wear a seatbelt for her helicopter ride to the city, to other solo incidents where he had to make emergency landings and even pull the chute to land safely. After talking to Bill for about an hour and a half, I realized I had just met one of the most knowledgable, courages, and inspiring person this year. He now lives on his boat with his wife and has a bunch of friends. It was an experience to meet a man like this who has completed his life and ended up where he is today; happy in the simplest place. When I look at my life, I realize how much I have and how I should be thankful for all of that instead of taking it for-granted. We only get one life and I am here to make the best of mine.