Learning Phases

It's funny how hard it gets to find time to sit down and write things. Sometimes I think to myself, I'm gonna sit down tomorrow morning and write up my blog for the week. Then all of a sudden, I don't feel like writing the next morning or something else comes up and it just doesn't get done. I also got a cat a few weeks back and she is such a cutie, I love her so much. I find myself doing things for her before myself and realize I am all of a sudden a cat dad. I feed her before I even eat in the mornings, make sure she always has water, clean her litter box, shop for her and all that basic animal stuff. For me it's all new but it definitely adds a layer of responsibility on top of living on my own. In a way, I really like that and it does make me feel pretty responsible for my age.

Just recently, Vin and I experienced a little website turbulence on the business site when we were trying to do our SEO. Right when we both told each other over the summer that we were going to be doing some heavy updates and getting the SEO ready, The site kinda fell apart. Just last week we decided to start the site from scratch and create something more worthwhile to the people who are looking for us. With a solid skeleton site up, we will be updating the site as frequently as possible and getting it to look more aesthetically pleasing than it already is. With that being said, feel free to take a browse at simplyvisualproductions.com

Another thing I notice when I write these blogs is that I feel like I'm writing some sort of holiday card to a grandparent far away letting them know how I've been lol. Like sometimes I wonder who I am actually supposed to be speaking to on here. Anyway, back to the writing... I have been working pretty hard at adjusting to this time change and adapting to the light going down so early in order to keep up with my personal photography. I hit a point where I felt like I was going to fail and almost felt there was nothing left in the area to shoot. There will always be plenty to shoot but it is just a matter of getting out there to shoot it all. I need to start making more time to go out and do this so that I can keep up with my work. I'm not sure if you can see, but I feel like I have been keeping things pretty clean and simple lately. I really like the direction I am headed with my work and look forward to keeping at it. I think that is enough for this post! Next one will cover some stuff about the first snowfall. Photos are below for you all.