2017 Reflection

I can think back exactly one year ago and remember how I felt at the start of 2017. It was a rough time for me as I was going through some relationship troubles. I had butterflies, things weren't quite right, yet I told myself I would try my best to fix them. Months go by and things were on and off, I was really in love with this girl I had fallen for. Our happy times were truly happy but the hard times were not easy at all. In spite of how I felt at the time, I knew that I could always rely on photography to help me get through it. However, I was going through more than just girl problems, I was going through life problems. I was constantly asking myself what I wanted to be doing with my life and my business. What is the next step? How do I get there? I bought my Inspire 2 at the end of January last year and that has been one of the biggest, most life changing things I have done so far. 2017 was a huge year for me. A year of learning about love, stress, fear, struggle, work, creating... and so much more.

I really find it crazy how fast this year has gone by and it is shocking to look back on it. Last winter felt like it was really just last week, but I am in such a different place now than I was last year. A lot of things seemed to come and gone, and sometimes even just fell into place. Over the summer I was going through a huge downhill slide of emotion because of a girl I was once very close with. Being heartbroken sounds so corny, but in all honesty, it is one thing that can really make you a stronger person. My little heartbreak was actually one of the biggest reasons that I was inspired to create more. It all started with me making a commitment to get better at composing images from the sky and then finding a way to do it more consistently. I haven't been involved with much relationship nonsense since then, but I have taken all that energy and put it directly towards rebuilding myself and focusing on a lot of personal work. I can see now that all the shooting has paid off but I realize that this is the time to start really make something from it all.

As far as accomplishments go for the year, there are quite a few. From getting jobs I never would have imagined with Simply Visual Productions, to moving into my own place with my good friend and business partner, Vin. From going to Oregon with Tom and exploring/droning beautiful new land to collaborating with so many other creatives. From getting new gear like a car, phone, camera and so on, to me just evolving as a person through it all. I have to say I have accomplished a lot this year and I couldn't be happier about that or more thankful for the people who were there to support me along the way. I owe a big thanks to all of my friends and family but I also owe myself a pat on the back for overcoming my fears of failure to get where I am now.

Today, I almost feel like I am a different person and have learned so much from all my mistakes and experiences in 2017. One thing I notice about myself is how serious I take my work because of what it means to me. I am at the point where it is time to let go of the past, use that to push me and move into a new realm of life. A life where I can be happy doing something I love. At the age of 23, I don't think I am doing so bad and I'm sure a lot of people would say or think the same thing. However, I know that I need to do this sooner than later before I get stuck in a place I'm not happy in. I don't want to look back on my life and think, "I wish I did that." I want to do it now, when I can, when it matters. I need to do better work, push myself to create more and put myself in a place where I am truly happy. Talk about getting personal on here huh?

The thing is, I am more confused now about where I want to go and how I want to get there than I have ever been before. That may be the reason for all these weird thoughts and feelings but I am really hoping to make sure I get myself on the right track and take myself to bigger and better places. I want to take my friends and family with me on these journeys, I want to be a better person, someone people can look up to and always reach out to for help or advice. I want to inspire people to do what they love and I think 2018 is the year to really stick to my word. So cheers to the new year and lets start on a positive note :)