The Power of Social Media

Back when Social Media first became a thing, I was definitely completely against it and thought that people were wasting there time paying more attention to someone else's life rather than their own. Today, I believe that this has gotten much worse lol but at the same time, I think Social Media has been one of the biggest influences out there for me and a lot of other people who create their own work. I am sitting here writing about this today because last week I was reading through some of my old blogs and realized I had briefly brought up this topic. I mentioned that one day I wanted to be featured on all these big drone accounts and be able to create content that inspires other people. After almost a year and a half of hard work and pushing myself to create more content, I am finally being featured on these accounts and chatting with so many people in my field that are incredible at what they do.

Social Media has become a huge outlet for my work, whether I am just sharing what I do, chatting with new people or even linking up with these people in real life. It's funny to think that only a few years ago none of this was really possible, but with the way technology is advancing and the power that that Social Media holds, I honestly think this creates endless opportunities for creatives. It may sound easy to create good content, post it day after day, engage with your followers, answer all the comments and DM's and so on, but I can assure you it is literally like having another job. I realize a huge amount of time goes into all this not only for me, but especially for the accounts who are sharing all this incredible work and actually keeping up with it. I am so thankful that the hard work has paid off and truly appreciate all the respect I have been shown from these accounts sharing my photos.

I don't look to slow it down anytime soon, but I do feel like it is getting very challenging to keep up with a post every single day, especially with winter moving in. I am going to have to work pretty hard to find new locations and things to shoot... or I'm gonna have to pack up my gear and start traveling a bit more! I think that would be a great thing to do. Aside from that quick reflection, I think it is important to always keep your head up and continue to work as hard as you can. Nothing good happens right away, but the harder you work, the more time you put in, I believe that one day everything will pay off. Just never forget why you are doing what you do because the most important thing through all this is how much you care about it.