Gone Missing

It's 8 am on a Thursday and your'e sitting home writing a blog at your desk in the office you made downstairs. You're probably having some coffee thinking about how much stuff you have to do in such little time, but you remember that you have your first helicopter ride over NYC tomorrow with a good friend of yours. Life can't be that bad, but it sure can be overwhelming. You've got a cat with more energy than you, a great business partner and a really supportive family who cares about you. It's easy to get stressed out and lose site of what makes you happy. However, it is important to remember that you can push through all the stress, work harder, learn how to deal with the cards you are dealt and get where you want in life....if you have the drive to do that.

Recently, I have found myself struggling to feel good or happy and it has really been tough to stay positive. I'm not so sure why this is the case, maybe its the burden of all the work, maybe its my high expectations for what I do, maybe its just a phase, who knows. I haven't had much time to sit down and write, there's been a lot going on in my mind lately. I guess with Thanksgiving coming, it is good to reflect on things and take some time to revisit reality. I am truly thankful for everything I have and know that I will get through this little rough patch I seem to be in.

In the next few weeks, I have a lot of exciting work that I am looking forward to doing. Tomorrow I am flying over NYC in a helicopter for the first time ever which I think is going to be pretty damn scary. I will have my legs dangling out of the Helicopter and my camera in hand, hopefully taking some awesome photos I wouldn't be able to take with my drone. I also have several jobs lined up, one specifically that I am looking forward to about the builder of a home and why she designed it the way she did. I have been wanting to do a video like this for some time now and finally the day has come. I don't want this to just be special to me, but I want it to be special for everybody else who watches it too. This is where I have always seen my business going, so this project is definitely pretty meaningful for that reason alone.

Now, I do feel like I have gone missing from my website and blog and I hate that because I try so hard to stay on top of this and post at least once a week. I never imagined I'd become a writer, nor did I think I'd ever become good at it, but shit happens and this has really been nothing but pure benefit for me once I made the commitment to doing it. That being said, all the social media and posting and liking and commenting and engaging and yadda yadda yadda has become absolutely ridiculous and I am at the point where I feel like I just need to step away from it and shut things down for a while until I am ready to come back. I used to try to post everyday but there comes a time where I ask myself what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. It is extremely hard to put out good content all the time and I have really been struggling to do so. Forcing myself to create kinda hurts the process of creating, so I think slowing things down for a little while might be something that will help me out, but that doesn't mean that Im going to stop shooting and posting... just gonna ease up on it all. I'm sure I'l have plenty more to write soon enough. Now some photos :)