Settling In

When I got back from Oregon, I typed a blog, added my photos and realized I only saved it as a draft... Whoops. Regardless, it has still been a while since I have written anything and I hate when I get to the point that I start to slack on that. I have finally moved into my new place, painted it and am still working on some finishing touches. Who the hell knew moving into my own place was gonna be as big of a pain in the ass as it has been haha. Everything looks a lot better now and I guess I just have to adjust to being on my own in a new place and new home.

Work has been kinda slow with the move and season change. I think there will be another spurt or two before things slow down for the winter months and Vin and I are out there searching for more work. My favorite part of my new place is the office and I think that when it is completely done, it is going to look great because it already looks great now. I have also been exploring the area a little bit to get used to some of the scenery while trying to find new places to shoot. I had about a good week or so break from flying my drone and boy was that painful. I really think I am addicted to it.

As time goes on, I will continue to find more places to shoot. In the meantime, I'll be honest.. It has been really hard to adjust to this whole new environment and I think its just going to take some time to get used to before anything crazy happens. I will share a few photos I have been shooting around the area and also share my Oregon video. Hopefully you guys enjoy the content as much as I do because I have been putting a significant amount of time into everything I shoot. It has even become hard for me to like some of my stuff because I am usually so hard on myself. That may be me going through some sort of style change or maybe a phase or even a midlife crisis, but I am sure it's not really such a bad thing.