Getting Back to it

Ever since this move, I feel like I've been all screwed up and delayed on too many things. I never thought I'd actually struggle to make the adjustment but I have to be honest, it has been a bit challenging to adapt to this new life. We pretty much painted the entire house, we are still in the process of building/buying furniture to furnish the place and with all that, we still have to get our work done and find new work to go after. Slowly but surely, things are coming together and I think I will be back to my normal self before I know it.

These past few weeks, I have been trying to adventure my area and find places to fly my drone to shoot new content. It is not like it was over the summer with all the trees and lakes, but rather the opposite with tons of industrial buildings and all that jazz. I have been getting used to the new scenery and doing my best to create what I can with it. I think my style is changing a bit as some of the main things I strive for is good composition, finding unique patterns, interesting colors and symmetry all from the sky. Because I shoot real estate a majority of the time, keeping my lines straight is a really big deal, on top of that, I love to shoot things at a perspective in which we never see them from the ground which is where my drone and straight downs really come into play.

My Mavic has been my favorite drone lately because of its portability and the distance it can fly. It opens up a world of possibility when it comes to aerial photography for those two reasons alone. As much as I love my Inspire 2, it is not the ideal drone to be flying at certain locations. A few days ago, I actually went to go fly my Mavic and just capture a shot of myself working at a picnic table in the woods when all of a sudden I got it tangled up in a tree while watching my screen taking a video I could later turn into a boomerang. As I am doing a perfect pan flying back down to myself, I hear this weed whacker sorta noise only to look up and see my drone getting tangled in a tree. I stayed calm, tried to fly it out but unfortunately the motors shut off and I watched it drop 40 feet to the ground making a loud thump. All I could do at that point was laugh it off. I think the drone is going to be fixable for the most part and the parts are coming in today for me to fix it. Fingers crossed the poor little thing will still work :)

I feel like I've been slacking on my blog and a lot of other things because of this adjustment but I know that it is time to knock it off and get my head back on the right track. Like I said earlier in a few of my other blogs, this is only the beginning and there is going to be plenty of work to come from me and my business. One thing I am really looking forward to is doing some collab work and working with new people who share the same interests as me. In the meantime, and I promise to write again soon, here are some photos for those eyes!