Taking Action

This past weekend was the first snowfall of the year and down in Long Branch, we probably got around 4-6 inches of snow. The roads were pretty bad and it was coming down all day but I never took any winter photos with my drone so I was on a mission to go out and get some. Things didn't go exactly as planned due to the weather conditions, but I did try my best to do what I could when I could. Knowing that the weather would most likely stop by night, I planned to take a trip up to Mahwah before sunrise to continue on a series I have been working on dealing with seasons and location. I got everything ready to go the night before and woke up at around 5:15am to clean off my car, warm it up, and pack it before I left. 

I drove all the way up North and got to my location around 7:15am. The sun was rising fast, and if there is one thing I've learned, you can never catch a break when trying to work with nature. Luckily, the lighting was perfect and I had a filter on my drone to limit the light a little bit. This was perfect to avoid all those messy shadows I didn't want in the photo and I ended up getting what I set out there to get. I figured after shooting I would go home and see my family for a while and wait for that sun to set so I could do a little more shooting later on while I was in the area. I happened to be scrolling through Instagram and found a photo of a hairpin road near Port Jervis, NY. It was about an hour away from home so when the time came, I said goodbye and decided to head up there and check it out to see what kind of photos I could create.

In the end, it all comes down to me taking action. We can always speak about doing something and talk about how great it can end up being, but it doesn't happen until we make it. I always admire some of the aerial photos I see online, but I understand they have to be taken somehow, by someone; a person willing to make the effort to go out and take them. These pictures don't take themselves and these locations aren't just there, it is a matter of putting the time and effort into the work we do to get what we want from it. Finding these locations and traveling to them can be pretty awesome. While we are out there we are able to connect with our camera, nature and ourselves, capturing photos which are proof of memories that will last a lifetime.