Pushing Forward

It's been a while since my last long exposure as I've gotten caught up in a lot of aerial work and other personal things. The cold weather, lack of scenery and light pollution have also acted as a solid excuse for not going out to shoot but sometimes we go through things that are tough to deal with and going out to shoot can take a lot off the mind. There should never be an excuse to not go out and and find something that can take you away from reality. Just recently, I found myself caught up and putting a lot of my time into something I thought was important to me. It certainly still is which is why I decided to write about it today. There are times in life we hit little speed bumps and that is where the support of friends/family and the camera really come into play. If there is anything I can take from this experience, it would be me telling myself to have patience and roll with the punches. There will always be obstacles in front of us, some we will overcome and some we will try our best to avoid. Avoiding the obstacles however will only make them worse, which is why a little patience and thinking can go a long way.

Today, I struggled to eat and really felt off but I am able to understand the situation I am in and begin to find my way through it. In the past I've been known to give up on things like this because of how difficult it can be to get through everything. Unfortunately, this time I care a little more than usual and therefor I won't be giving up anytime soon. There are plenty of things I can do to get myself back to where I need to be, its just a matter of doing them. Going out and shooting this morning was one of the simplest things I could have done for myself, something that helped more than I imagined it could. I realized this was a feeling I missed, being alone with my surroundings, observing everything that goes on as I sit there alone with nature and take it all in. It was relaxing to sit there and soak up the moment for about an hour or so and despite the rain and getting completely soaked I was able to come home and upload my images getting at least one I was happy with. I hope to be able to share more photos like this and the meaning behind why they were taken as I continue to go out and get myself through this rough patch. Always keep your head up, stay patient and be positive because there is no better way to do things.