Tom Harmon: A Wedding Photographer

I posted about this a while ago on the business site, but I finally had an opportunity to make a video for Tom Harmon showing who he is and what he does. After working with Tom for a full summer as his intern, I learned a lot more than I could ever imagine about photography. It was because of him I decided to really start taking risks and trying new things in my photography, he could even be the reason why I bought myself a drone. I'm glad that I am now friends with Tom and can work with him on other projects as well.

This video was made to show Tom's personality and workflow. A photographer isn't a machine or strict business man, we don't just take pictures. We take pictures to express something, to show a feeling or emotion, even something that we cant even see with our own eyes. Every photographer has a different vision and is capable of creating a unique photograph which is what separates them from the rest. For Tom, capturing moments and memories in wedding photography and being with his own family are the two most important things. For me, expressing that was the most important thing and with some help from the business partner Vin, it was possible to create these two videos for Tom.