Shannon's Painting Documentary

This was an idea for quite some time, but not something I was able to work on till Shannon was home from work in NYC. With three days off and some time to paint, Shannon and I spent pretty much three full days together filming, talking and having a good time. I learned a lot about her while we were together and a lot about why she is so passionate about what she does.

I originally wanted to do a voice over so we can hear her speak and get an idea of who she is, but that wasn't really something she wanted. Luckily she has a good taste in music and picked a pretty cool song. I think after all that, everything was pulled together as she created one hell of a painting! In the end, everything turned out great and after days of editing, I myself can say that I am happy with this final video for her to show the world, and I'm happy that this painting will be mine.