Long Time, No Blog?

I haven't thrown a post up here in quite some time. After graduating college, I kinda jumped straight into things and feel as if I have been going non stop. I work four jobs and am constantly in my car, driving to my next shoot or on the computer editing what I've been shooting.  It's definitely a good feeling to be busy and hard to keep up with a lot of things, but hopefully that is just a small adjustment. I plan on posting a lot more this summer and really bringing this site to life.

Vin and I have been able to upgrade some of our gear finally and He finally got himself a new camera. A nice Sony a7s ii. This is going to finally allow him to want to shoot and to go out and shoot which will benefit us both as individuals and as a company.

This weekend I will be filming a documentary for a friend of mine and look forward to using some of the new gear Simply Visual now has. I think this will allow me to execute some creativity that I wouldn't have been able to before. I also feel like this documentary style video could be a pretty big thing and something that I may want to shape our company into. I want to make this video something that really stands out and allows the viewer to get to know who is in front of the camera.

A week after that,  I will be going to Vegas and shooting my ass off out there. I am so excited to finally catch a little bit of a break and go have some fun without worrying about work (hopefully). When Vin and I go out there, we plan on making a hell of a documentary type video of our journey out there. Something new, creative and absolutely awesome. I will keep posted here and hopefully be able to share a few photos and clips of the trip and of some recent work!