Real Estate Video

So I see a huge market for this and it's something I am really going after. Whenever I look at a home online, whether its $300,000 or $8,000,000 there is something that's always off with the listing. Marketing a home seems like such an important thing when selling a home, however I believe that it is even more important when buying a home. Why? As a buyer or viewer of a home, I would only want to go see the ones that stand out to me. I can't tell you how crazy it drives me when I see a photo taken on a phone where the angles are off and I can barley see the room. If you are going to show a house, have good pictures of it otherwise I don't want to see it (and you can take good pictures on your phone!). I look for good photography at the minimum, but on larger listings, seeing video, aerial, twilight shots and all the extra eye candy really makes me that much more interested in the home I am looking at. It also shows me that the realtor is serious about selling the home because they are going out of their way to get professional photography and videography.

I had to write this article because I was truly impressed with the last house I was in. This house was located in Tenafly New Jersey at a price of 2.8 million dollars. The home was completely staged and technically still under construction with a few minor finishing touches that needed to be made. It's not everyday that I see a house like this, nor is it everyday that I shoot a house like this. One of the reasons I love my job is because I am exposed to some beautiful homes and I meet a lot of realtors and people who really appreciate photography and videography as they know it is such an important thing to pay attention to in real estate. When I meet passionate realtors like this, it drives me to work harder and really give them a product above and beyond what they would typically expect to get. I want the work I do to mean something to them as much as it means to me.

In this video I really focused on details of the home rather than just creating a walk-through of it. When it comes to real estate video, most watchers only have a 2 minute attention span. I keep that in mind when editing and try to make the video flow so the viewer is constantly entertained and interested in seeing what is going to be shown next. A lot of real estate videos I currently watch bore me to death and are not that well done. I never want someone to be bored when watching my videos, I want them to appreciate what they are looking at and build an interest in it. In the future of my video shooting, I will continue to improve my techniques and make these videos something very special to anyone looking at the home.