Making a Series of Work - This time for an actual reason.

This is my first year out of college and I finally have no more assignments, homework, papers or anything like that to distract me from reality. However, I do find it difficult to be occupied when work slows down. The summer was very busy and now things have settled down a bit which leaves me with little work to do. This can be an excuse to be lazy and just relax, but why make it one? I feel like it's hard to grow that way and that I need to be working or shooting to stay in touch with my camera and creative side.

Over the past few weeks I have been reaching out to people to shoot with and exploring old places I have taken aerial photos at. I thought this was quite interesting because while everything was so green in the summer,  those colors really change in the fall. For the past four years I have been lazy enough to not go out and get any fall photos, so this year I decided to change that. I am looking to continue this series at these places through the winter and figure the rest of it out from there.

A big reason I thought to do this was because in school we always had something to work on to keep us busy whether we were doing a series or a project. In school I took things seriously but not s much as I do now. Going out to take these photos again was nice. Some were a hike and a pain to redo with the lighting, but sitting here looking at those photos will bring a smile to my face every time because I know I love the way they came out.