Airbnb Tahira

Tahira Was More Than Just Your Typical Airbnb Host

Usually when I go to shoot a house, whether it's for Airbnb or elsewhere, people are always so picky about it being clean and perfect. Tahira opened my eyes to  a new reality, one that I have seen before, but this one suddenly became a real to me after spending a little bit of time with her. Tahira is a Mother, she has two kids, one in college and one little boy. She is also an Airbnb host. I have met several Airbnb hosts from doing photography for the company, but none like her. She wanted to show her home in its natural state, the mess didn't matter, what was really there did. She said, "If people are coming to stay at the house why show it any differently? I have kids, I have a family, this is how its going to look. I live here too." Her house told a story about her, about who she was and honestly, she was the nicest most genuine person I have met in quite some time. To me her situation was very moving and I really enjoyed meeting her, learning about her and speaking with her for the time I did. This just goes to show that there's a story behind every photo and that is just one reason why I love what I do.